Made to Measure Curtains

At Lana Wilson, it is our belief that curtains are not just a necessity, but an integral part of interior decoration. Curtains can truly add that perfect finishing touch to your home.

We provide a full service, starting from helping you to choose the best curtain fabrics and designs that will compliment the room to dressing your window with the completed curtains for you.

Our Service


Free Home Visit

Our first home visit is free. This is the perfect opportunity for us to view your home, measure your rooms and understand the look that you are trying to achieve with the new curtains. During this time we will also help you on your journey by bringing a wide range of fabric samples, poles and tiebacks to choose from.

Made to Measure Curtain Service by Professionals

Over the last 15+ years, we are proud to have supplied beautiful made to measure curtains to hundreds of satisfied customers. Perfectionists at heart, all of our curtains are hand sewn with uncompromising attention to detail.

Free Curtain Fitting

Once your curtains are completed we will arrange a complimentary appointment to dress your window. The curtains will be steamed and hanged up by professionals, saving you time and ensuring the desired look for the room.

Curtain Heading Styles

At Lana Wilson we offer the following curtain heading styles:


Double Pleat Curtains

Double pinch pleat, also known as Dutch pleats, are sets of two fabrics sewn into the fabric header at regular intervals in neat rows of V’s. More fabric is needed when making double pleated curtains due to the nature of the design. The result is usually fuller, sumptuous curtains that boast plenty of body.


Triple Pleat Curtains

Triple pleats, also known as French pleats, are trios of fabrics that designers sew into the fabric header at regular intervals to create a fan-shaped appearance. They provide a more elegant and formal look. It important to note that more fabric is required to achieve this luxurious, full drape.


Cartridge Pleat Curtains

Cartridge pleat curtains provide a stylish, clean and upscale look. They are often considered as a better alternative to the standard pinch pleated drapes. Cartridge pleats work great in most settings and provide a contemporary appearance.


Goblet Headed Curtains

Goblet headed curtains are ideal for homes that require a formal style. They feature cylindrical cuffs that resemble a wine glass. The primary pleats have to be shaped and filled with wadding. You will mostly find such curtains in traditional and grand rooms that have high ceilings.


Pencil Pleat 3″ Curtains

Pencil pleat is the traditional standard heading for curtains. Manufacturers use 3″ tape with three hook position suitable for all kinds of poles and tracks.


Deep Pencil Pleat 6″ Curtains

Deep pencil pleat 6″ headings function more like traditional pleat headings, only that they are deeper at the top. That emphasises the curtain top more and creates a more structured feel. They are a suitable choice for the rooms with higher ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows because they create balanced overall appearance.


Ruffle Top Curtains

Ruffle curtain heading changes the appearance of the panel from ordinary to custom. It allows you to change the style and the mood of your panel, by adding coordinating colours and fabrics that will match your decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Curtains Cost?

The completed curtain price will vary depending on the fabric selected, type of curtain and window size. Please contact us today to arrange a free home visit and quote!


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